"M first attended Diamond Day Nursery on January 2015, aged 21 months. At the time my wife and I were a bit worried as he previously attended another nursery and the whole experience was very unpleasant for M – he was no longer able to sleep on his own and he was very unsettle after the nursery.
As soon as M entered Diamond for the first time, he immediately started to play with other children and interact with the nurses. And what we can say after four months of attendance is that M's speech has developed constantly and enormously - even considering he is bilingual. On top of that, M goes to the nursery happily, he never cries when we leave him at the nursery and has always a big smile when we come to pick him up."


"We would just like to take the opportunity to say thank you so much for the care you have given to E and everything you have done, it really has helped development and stands her in good stead for starting school in September."

"I would like to thank your self and all of the staff for making m's years at the nursery a lovely one. Many Thanks"


"Let me take this opportunity to thank everyone at Diamond Day Nursery for helping me looking after my son. Your kindness and help is well appreciated."

"I would also love to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at the nursery for the wonderful contributions made towards my son's upbringing. Indeed I'm ever so grateful. The nursery has practically been like a second home to him. Thank you so much again."

Grace Bobga


"As a family we have enjoyed her stay here and we have felt the positive changes and growth manifested in our daughter. I want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU! We hope she will continue next time when the need arises."

"...he has enjoyed his time at Diamond Day Nursery and will miss friends and staff that he has made. He wouldn't be the little man if it wasn't for the staff developing him. Thanks."

Miss E.T.

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